It’s the most wonderful time of the year (sung to the tune of that X-mas song) – LENT! Your favorite, my favorite, all the bodies’ favorite! 40 days (give or take – I’m not actually religious) of no fun!


In years past, I’ve given up a variety of things just to see if I could – with pretty much universal success. I’ve given up cheese (no pizza, nachos, bagels, lasagna etc), pasta (egads!) and sweets. I’ve even tried giving up Panera when I lived close enough to one to binge on a regular basis. But throughout the years I’ve staunchly avoided giving up the things that truly matter to me – soda and porn TV.

he would.

he would.

So, in the spirit of remembrance and self-control, I’ve narrowed this year’s contenders down to …drumroll please…fast foodstuffs, the EZ pass hot lanes, and reading novels at work for entertainment. (Note – soda is nowhere in this discussion. I’m good but I’m not that good.) If this were a democrazy I’d open up the polls for a true vote for picking my poison. However, seeing as how this blog is a straight up dictatorship, I’m going to go with fast food. Unless my guy isn’t in to that idea, in which case it would be too hard and I’ll quickly fold like a gay teen’s gym uniform.

this makes me sad.

this makes me sad.

I’ve also considered giving up spending monies on lunch, working during work hours, and the gym, but seeing as those aren’t things I ever really do anyways, it kind of defeats the purpose. Stay tuned to see how long I make it before cracking and ordering a full delicious box combo from popeyes or some beyond delicious waffle fries from the chic fil a. If I do manage to make it the entire time, I’ll be sure to rub it in each and every one of your haters’ faces.

josh hartnett - where have you been all my life?

josh hartnett – where have you been all my life?


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